Typesetting a novel for Print with HTML & CSS Paged Media

I’ve been fol­lo­wing new deve­lop­ments around CSS Paged Media and PrintCSS for a whi­le now. I never had the chan­ce to test them out in a real word pro­ject. Until recent­ly. The publis­hing hou­se I work for wants to pro­du­ce per­so­na­li­zed novels. Cust­o­m­ers can cust­o­mi­ze (*badum *tsch) their novel in a web fron­ted writ­ten in Python. The out­put is plain HTML5.

To avo­id over­head I set out to type­set the dif­fe­rent novels with web tech­no­lo­gies. The­se are my fin­dings:

tl;dr: It pret­ty much went smooth­ly. CSS Paged Media is even more con­ve­ni­ent than InDe­si­gn in some aspects.
Docrap​tor​.com (with Prin­ce XML as the engi­ne) was my Con­ver­ter of choice.
I would only wish for one mis­sing fea­ture, other­wi­se type­set­ting was a bree­ze.

Type­set­ting a novel for Print with HTML & CSS Paged Media wei­ter­le­sen